Gone Thesis-ing

Container Ship

Image by MGSpiller via Flickr

As you might observe from the infrequency of posts, I have something else going on right now.  Frankly, I am frightened that the ideas I am mulling over for my thesis will get wasted by playing them out in blog posts, so I am conserving them as I do some other work.  But! Once I find my bearings I will begin to share the process so that it can be a collaborative process in the tradition of good science.  In the meantime, I might occasionally post stuff about fun things in my life like sailing, or hiking, running, birthday parties, dreams about wrestling beavers in woodpiles, gardening, or aesthetic minimalism.

Ok.  Stay tuned.  Seriously.  I know that people always write this on site pages that should really be 404 pages, because they never return to make good on the promised “coming soon”, but I have some serious fun lined up that because of my life and academic schedule WILL be completed on time; and when those deadlines come, I promise you with both sincerity and fortitude that I will begin posting again in earnest.  Subscribe to the blog with the sidebar button and you will know when I return.

Peace be with you.


3 thoughts on “Gone Thesis-ing

  1. enricotorre says:

    Good luck for your thesis!

  2. ryandewey says:

    Thanks! Like my old friend used to tell me “i monaci dicono in questo mondo, devi avere molta pazienza.” – R

  3. calebgbrown says:

    Heard of this one? — Halliday, M.A.K. and Christian M.I.M. Matthiessen (1999) Construing Experience through Meaning A language based approach to cognition. London: Cassell.

    Sound up your alley.



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